Beacon Re-Imagined

is a five week long exhibition taking place in Beacon at Hudson Beach Glass. As part of Beacon's year long centennial celebration, it focuses on two future projects: The Mount Beacon Incline Railway Restoration and the Beacon Greenway Trails.

The exhibition is both visual and dynamic incorporating modern 3D animationarchival footage and photographs, ambient sounds, coordinated group activities, and special speaker events. It is being generously hosted at Hudson Beach Glass, a perfect venue to present these two initiatives that are so anchored in restorationrenewal, and preservation.

Mount Beacon Incline Railway


Visitors will have an opportunity to view the most recent renderings of a restored Incline Railway and learn about its innovative design and its vision for a nature park that incorporates native plants and trees,contemplative spaces, and LEED-certified facilities. The proposed design will make it possible for people of all ages, abilities, and fitness to access one of the region's most beautiful vistas.


Beacon Greenway Trails

Visitors will also be presented with a plan for city-wide trail that hugs the length of the Fishkill Creek as it flows from the Fishkill town-line, through the city’s urban center, and all the way down to the Hudson River. Once fully realized, this trail will reveal hidden scenic treasures, expose forgotten pieces of Beacon’s industrial past, link disparate parts of the city to each other, and re-connect the community to this vital resource in a unique way. 


About the Beacon Centennial

The city of Beacon celebrates it 100th anniversary this year on May 15th. You can learn all about the year long celebration at